HI AM NOT AN ALWAYS TRUMP MAN. I voted for him because I believed he would stand against the NWO and return us to our national republic, Hillery scared me when she said if elected she would go to war against Russia, the world’s second nuclear power, which actually has more nukes. This is exactly what Soros and all the world government people want.

Jefferson said it is an awful thing to be ruled over by a man. that awfulness is evident today. Some people love to be ruled and will loyally and blindly follow one as witnessed with Hitler who made Germany great and then destroyed the whole nation in his quest for a new world order.

The American corporate government is ruled by zionist, neo cons who were originally zionist before 1967, those monied corporations built around Rothschild’s Federal Reserve, and the new democrats calling themselves Progressives. This is not a Constitutional government. It is powered by money and those who control it.

My hope has faded in Trump to lead us out of this conspiracy but it appears he has succumbed to it. He now received his advice from the enemies of the Republic. My faith now is with the people, especially those Constitutional Patriots who still stand by and defend the Constitution. and it’s principles.

I am also reminded of the statements in the Book of Samuel where the people did not want to be ruled by their Creator, they wanted a king to rule over them. So the last hope is that the Creator will intervene to save the creation from all this madness.

Terry Shepard