Dr. Jim Garrow: Wildfire Or Just Hyperventilation By The Commies?

Wildfire Or Just Hyperventilation By The Commies?

Dr. Jim Garrow

Have you noticed that the left strut their stuff and make wild pronouncements that rarely if ever connect with real events and real crime? A reminder – just because “outrage” is expressed and a “cacophony” of noise is the chorus of accompaniment, does not mean that there is any solid truth to what is being ranted on. My Mother had expressions for me whenever I would hyperventilate over some imagined grievance or other. Thats just a “tempest in a teapot” or to wax Shakespearian, “much ado about nothing”. She might even sing a catchy little tune like “Stormy Weather” as she cuddled my quivering self. She was used to my expressions of solidarity for this or that cause or person who had been mistreated in my opinion.

Whenever some celebrity/actor is marched before the cameras and expresses their concern that current events will lead to the end of the world because of ……(fill in the blank) I stand back and do a little tally of the last success or failure of the actor and remind myself that any notice in the media is good for an actor, then a little clarity is added to the hand under the puppets skirt.

Never take the cause celeb at face value, we should always take a jaundiced eye approach to what the media will report and what Hollyweird will embrace for many reasons other than truth-telling. Posturing is what actors do, how well they do it remains to be seen. But being seen is what actors love and many a cause has been embraced after careful consultation with an agent or two or can be seen as surprisingly convenient advertising for some up and coming appearance or event which just happens to need a little push into the public limelight. Guffaw you say…. they aren’t so shallow and phony as to do what you suggest Jimmy boy. You bet your sweet bippy they are.

Before you reach for your phone or your credit card in support of this or that cause, take a good look at the celebrity du jour and figure out who benefits the most from this newest expression of “outrage”. Remember the “never let a good crisis go to waste” posturing of Cloward, Piven, and Obama. There may be just a hint of fraud under the surface of the act now appearing on the media stage.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –