Dr. Jim Garrow: Prediction for Roseanne Barr


Dr. Jim Garrow

Roseanne will be resurrected from the Liberal purgatory and go on to make us laugh again. She may be wounded and rendered low because of a drug-related slip, but she is feisty enough to lick her wounds and come back at it. If they don’t kill her first.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

ps – The most famous comedian in China mastered the art of “cross-talk” and did the same sorts of outlandish laugh at ourselves stuff for the Chinese people. And guess what – he is a white Canadian dude, 6 feet tall and red hair – a foreigner who speaks Mandarin/Putonghau like a homeboy and cracks them up Roseanne style. Will he fall next? I doubt it – the commies know that laughter is a tonic and good medicine, stupid they are not.