Dr. Jim Garrow: Don’t Like What You Say – They Try To Knock You Out Professionally

Don’t Like What You Say – They Try To Knock You Out Professionally.

Dr. Jim Garrow

International Movie Data Base (IMDb) is like all the Marxist leaning or driven websites and is manipulated by the left in response to who does or does not support their narrative. I am proud to be found in the company of a patriot like James Woods who without apology hammers the leftists. Unfortunately, a relative unknown like myself can find a huge swing in positioning when an attack is launched. In the month of May, I lost over 90,000 positioning points and went from around 70,000 in the rankings to 170,000.

One movie that was premiered in Toronto this week and in which I had been filmed invited me to that premier where I discovered that my small part had been removed and my name did not appear in the credits. The Producer and Director and funding were all Muslim. I call that payback.

On May 24th the gay television series Shadowlands was premiered on OutTV. The comments that I received for having been filmed for the series from Christians were often unkind and very judgemental. That is in spite of the fact that I only appear as a fly fisherman in a river where I stumble over a dead body while fishing and at a party where the apparent murderer puts my cigar out in my drink. At no point in time would you even know that my scenes appeared in a straight or gay film. I was open about where they placed the footage and had a wonderful time getting to know the crew and my fellow actors. I am not whining but merely sharing that bigots/judges exist on each side of the left-right spectrum.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –