Dr. Jim Garrow: The G-7 – The Test of Honesty

The G-7 – The Test of Honesty:

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Dr. Jim Garrow

The agreement between the participating nations with respect to defense and economics seems to ignore much of the social overlap of decisions made by each regarding the internal threat to all from Islam. While imams preach the overthrow of established law and order in the host nation in favor of shariah law, the mass migration continues as if it had no ill effect on any of the nations. Unless there are quiet conversations taking place away from the inquisitive media that bore into the question of how to safeguard a society that invites those committed to its ruin from becoming successful in that endeavor, then this is a mere smoke and mirrors exercise without a happy ending.

What I do know of President Trump leads me to believe however that there are deals in the offing that will advance America’s agendas.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –