Dr. Jim Garrow: Lets Get Real About The Threat To America

Lets Get Real About The Threat To America:

Dr. Jim Garrow

For a nation that is filled with folks who have very specific military training, organization building expertise, logistical planning and execution abilities, we really do miss how easy it would be to bring the nation to its knees. Please understand that I am even broaching this topic because I support President Trump 100%. He is a true patriot, not a planted fraud like Obama. Trump loves America and all that she stands for and I believe that he was given the Presidency by the God who holds mens hearts in his hands. Of that I have no doubt.

The direction that Obama and his minions were taking America and the head shaking that was going on around the world as leader after leader came away from meeting Obama wondering what in the world happened to America. How could it have so quickly lost its mind, its direction and it’s backbone? Who invited the communists in to take over?

If I was given 100 men and women with a list of specific trainings and the materials necessary to the task, we could take America down in two years. That is not an idle boast but rather an educated certainty. Ladies and gentlemen, we are allowing highly trained haters of America entry into the Republic whose goal it is to take down America. If it were not for critical errors on their part, fantastic intelligence work on our part and Gods intervention time after time, the deed would be done. America as we know it would be a thing of the past.

When you hear folks spouting garbage in support of allowing muslims into the nation, stand up and speak truth to the evil being presented. We have narrowly averted unspeakable tragedy not once but more than once in recent days. Wishful thinking and delusions of kindness that might motivate some to allow the uncivilized haters of America onto our shores is absolute insanity based in myth. Know your enemy and deal with them appropriately. Do not invite them into our house.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –